Saturday, December 5, 2015


 This dog -- he was so super sweet and loved the boys.  He was smart and enjoyable to hang out with.  He loved being right up in your lap.  He hated sharing ANYTHING with Luke and that led to several bloody battles.  Reluctantly we had to take him back to the Humane Society so he could enjoy a life without fighting.  (He was adopted 2 weeks later!!!) 

Cloudy learned how to stay up on the wakeboard (for longer than 2 minutes).  

October brought several trips to Arkansas to help PawPaw prepare for his move to Fort Worth.  And we managed to sneak in a morning to War Eagle.  Saw some of our favorites crafts and found some new favorites.

Ben ran his first 10k: Survivors Challenge in Ft Smith

The school has Red Ribbon week leading up to Halloween.  They don't allow the kids to celebrate Halloween with a party or costumes.  Instead they have things like Wacky Hair Wednesday.  We kind of go over the top (a bit0.  
Ben the Buck
Cloudy with Surfer riding a wave and a shark (both are Pintrest finds). 

The boys halloween costumes.  Edward Scissorhands and Cloudy is an Inkling from a WiiU game called Splatoon.  
Our neighbor has an insane amount of halloween decor so we set up an actual Haunted House in her garage and it was a HUGE hit!  I had so much fun scaring the piss out of people until the one kid gut punched me.   


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