Sunday, December 6, 2015


 In October Talus Mae turned 18 and a few weeks later on November 6th she joined Bailey on the Rainbow Bridge.   We miss her dearly but we also know that the past few years have been extremely hard on her.

At the end of the six weeks our school teachers pick a kid to recognize.  Cloudy's teacher chose him because he is the ideal student.  He is helpful, he listens to directions and understands how to follow them.   It's sweet that she chose him.  

 For years we've been telling Ben it is a favorite award and an award given to students that need that extra incentive to be better.  (He's never received it, even though all his teachers have always raved about him in classroom and out).  So when his music teacher nominated him for Eagles in Flight, we all had a big laugh at his disappointment.  I think his words were "I must really suck at music".  
He doesn't, he made Honor Choir for the school district.  He had to audition twice!  During his first audition he sang in a lower octave and instead of throwing him out, they realized how good he was and had him come back and sing on the written octave.  If he was horrible they wouldn't have gone out of their way to give him a second chance.  

Cloudy ran his first 5k!  We all participated in a Veterans Day run down by the Trinity.  I ran with Ben while Pete ran with Clouds.  Ben ran a quick 28:06 5k which secured him 1st while Cloudy ran the entire course without stopping and placed 4th in the age group with a 38:14.  (Third place kid was in front of him by 5 seconds and way older.)    

November 16th Tom moved to Ridgmar!  I went with him to check out the apartment before boxes were delivered and we had lunch.  The food is really good.  

On Tuesday boxes were delivered and I'm disappointed we didn't think to stop for a few seconds and take a photo.  Boxes were completely filling the office.  There was only one way in, and if you wanted to go through you had to go over.   THE BOYS LOVED IT.   

Kindergarten performed a Thanksgiving play and had a "feast" for the kids.   Cloudy was Chief Massasoit. 

We all participated with the Unicycle Club in the Ft Worth Parade of Lights.  The parade was moved to the weekend before Thanksgiving which stinks because my parents weren't able to attend.  It was lots of fun for Cloudy and me as it was our first parade with the club.  One of the members was dressed like Santa and the kids at the Parade (and even in the parade -- CLOUDY) LOVED that Santa was on a unicycle.   Unfortunately the parade officials only allow ONE Santa in the parade and told the kid to take a hike.  

Ben had a sleepover so Cloudy decided it would be a great night for a movie! Solo dates with mom and dad are the best.  He couldn't go see the Peanuts Movie without his Snoopy shirt (knitted by NanaJan).  

For Thanksgiving we had Tom and my parents here with a surprise but very welcomed visit by Matthew.  


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