Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December catch up

Let's work this one backwards...  

It's the old cliche': I just can't believe it's almost Christmas and another year has passed.  

Today - Ben competed in the Spelling Bee at school.  He did REALLY good, and was devastated when he missed his word.  Kangaroo.  He spelled it was a 'C'.  He sat down next to me, spelled it and again started with a 'C'.  I looked at him and said 'K' and the look on his face was complete distress.  He said that's what was in his head, and he couldn't believe he said 'C'.  He then sat there and preceded to spell the other contestants words to me and nailed every one.  

Last night was the annual "we don't own enough chairs" school choir concert.  Why they haven't figured this out yet I have no idea.  They invite the families of 120 students and only own 100 chairs.. BLARG.  We have THREE close high schools we could have the event at in one of the performing art buildings instead of this disaster.  Fortunately for us this year, the kids were to arrive at 530 and they didn't unlock the doors until 530.  We were in the first dozen people to walk in and by the time we got claimed our seats in the 3rd row I heard people say all the chairs were taken.  

Ben's choir group performed a few songs while Kindergarten and First grade performed one each and one together.   Below is our dearest neighbor Emma Lee.

Last weekend we took the family to see my 99 yr old grandma.  We had a great visit and she was delighted to see us, especially the boys.  On our way home I had made appointments for the boys to experience glass blowing.  They made there own glass ornament.  And by made I mean picked the colors and used their own hot air.  It was a ton of fun and they are excited for them to arrive in the next few days.  (The glass is 2400 degrees F while working with it, and below when he is putting the stem on he said it was still 900 degrees.  The glass has to sit for a few days for it to be ready to handle.) 

Nice red backdrop right?  Thanks to our new Target right down the road!  We were out Christmas shopping and waiting for Dear old Dad.  

A few weekends ago the Choir had Christmas in the park.  A couple of schools participated and there was a tree lighting with Santa.  This will be a nice event in the coming years.  

Early December we ran the Reindeer Romp.  Cloudy did so great with his 3rd 5k.  He FINALLY has the endurance.  I think this is his second race at around 38 minutes.  Ben and I ran up front and I think I'm a pacer for his first 2 miles.  After that he just leaves me behind.  We both finished around 26.  I don't have a picture of him because he finished before me.  



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