Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cloudy turns 6

On Friday, September 4th Cloudy turned 6!  And on Thursday September 3rd he turned toothless.  On Saturday September 5th we had a party.

Cloudy is starting to enjoy school after two weeks.  His favorite part is recess and his least favorite part is riding the bus, because sometimes his friend in the neighborhood doesn't always ride home and he has to sit by himself.
Thursday he came home skipping off the bus, walked inside to put his backpack away and returns in sobs.  He tells me he lost his tooth (his remaining top front tooth).  I assure him it's ok and check out his new smile, but nothing will do to console him.  Come to find out he not only lost it (fell out of his head) but he LOST it (fell out of his lunch box) and he was so concerned that the Toothfairy wouldn't bring him cash.
I had him write a note explaining what happened and place it under his pillow where he would place his tooth.  To his amazement the Toothfairy is very reasonable AND generous.  (She pays double on holidays and birthdays - and apparently day before birthdays!)

Friday I had lunch at school with Cloudy and took his class cupcakes.  He told me that his class still hadn't sang Happy Birthday to him and he didn't understand why.  When the boys arrived home we opened presents and Cloudy chose supper: Sushi!
Saturday we had the Perot boys down for swimming and cake and games.  Cloudy did pretty good for his birthday.  Pete got home a Kindle reader and that's all Cloudy needed to catch the bug!  He has read 6-7 books on it already.  His other favorite gift are bongos, and he's surprisingly pretty good at it too.

Other news:  Last weekend, we rescued a dog and have named him Dobby.  I was aiming for a small dog and we fell for a large puppy - OOPS.  HE LOVES the boys (and people in general).  He does great on a leash, working really hard on learning sit, stay, down and thinks he is a lap dog.  He doesn't swim, but will play on the swim platform while we swim, and he is the king at playing fetch.


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I LOVE Cloudy's letter! HAHAHA~!

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