Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day of the School Year

The time finally came.  We were ready and barely made it tear-free.  Yesterday the guys started school for the year.  Ben in FIFTH grade and Cloudy in KINDERGARTEN!  

2015 (above) 
2014 (below) 

Ben insisted on wearing jeans and a long-sleeve shirt while Cloudy insisted on a bow-tie!  At least I was able to roll his sleeves and we talked him into shorts.   Then the bus came, we could barely get Ben to stand with us while we waited.  Oh what's that?  No we didn't send Cloudy on the bus for the first day of school, we drove him and took our obligatory photos (below), but Benjamin-son was entirely to cool to ride with us to school.  

As if the first day of school isn't crazy enough outside our school sitting on the train tracks was the circus, LITERALLY!!! 


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