Monday, August 3, 2015

Ben 10

This weekend was Ben's 10th birthday.  Ten years.  I'm starting to see him as a kid that is growing older, and can easily visualize him as a teenager.
Pete and I couldn't think of anything that the kid needed, wanted, or would like if we chose it so for his birthday we gave him cash with a stipulation: he had to spend it all that day.
We spent the next 10 hours shopping (this plan was not well thought out - as I dread shopping of all kind.)

His first spend was a used guitar.  The guitar didn't cost much at all, but the guy that was servicing it ran over the instrument with the all-star service.  He even put new strings on it and polished a nice shine when he was finished.  
We picked up a few other things that he might need to make an electric guitar work (out of his birthday budget).  And he's already learned to play several tunes.   

Next stop: Dallas Galleria.  *GRUMBLE GRUMBLE!*  A mall is one thing and sometimes doable, the Galleria is completely off the grid when it comes to my shopping-tolerating abilities.  Thankfully, we were able to find his store quickly and he picked out a new skateboard.

This year Ben helped with his cake.  He made ALL the icing and designed the decorations.  We have to make another one for the party NEXT weekend and I definitely have changes in mind.    


Tammy said...

I saw this the day you posted and just realized I never commented :( Looks like an awesome birthday for an awesome 10 year old! Happy Birthday Benjamin! We love you very much :) :)

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