Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 4th

Last Tuesday, I employed the boys to wash my car.   There was more spraying-my-brother than there was spraying-the-car.
 We love love love our backyard.  Our lake is still closed due to flooding earlier this year, and the lakes that are open are crowded so we haven't been out but twice this year.  We have missed our skiing but have really enjoyed relaxing by the pool and completing chores around the property.
For Independence Day, Pete and Ben rode in the Arlington Parade with the WRUNTs (we ride unicycles of north texas), while Cloudy and I stayed in the neighborhood and participated in the HOA parade.  

Pete and Ben came home tired and sweaty, while after our ride we had popsicles, water slides and a bounce house.  

We took an early evening cruise around the neighborhood with Luke.  He is TERRIFIED of fireworks and unfortunately they were being fired off before we could make it back to the house, and we had a trembling dog trying to wedge between the seats.  He hid in our closet for two days.  


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