Thursday, May 21, 2015

PreK graduation take 2 and Rain stories.

Cloudy lost el tootho dos on Cinco de Mayo. 

Pete has learned to weld and after repairing fences around the place he built a hammock stand.  

May has been one wet month for North Texas.  A few weeks ago we pulled the kayak out and they boys were able to kayak through the draining ditch in front out our house.  That was great until they realized they could actually float THROUGH the culverts on the opposite side of the street.   We have not been camping this month because our lake is CLOSED due to flooding.   

Lastly, Cloudy did it again.  Another PreK graduation in the record books.  I can't believe it has been a year since he cute his long hair.  Two more weeks of school for everyone and then out for summer!!!


Tammy said...

wow rain!! we are in a drought...crazy...Yay Cloudy!! Can't wait to see you all soon :) So - I did start a blog/draft the other day. I have not kept it up since last August. sigh...2 kids in school full time is so different. I had no idea how much "stuff" they would each have every day. where did that year go? I am so not motivated to blog about stuff since last August. No one cares really at this point.. oh well. Maybe I will get it together.

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