Sunday, May 18, 2014

Parades and Field Days

A couple of weeks ago Cloudy's school had a "Transportation Parade". They suggested using boxes for creating the vehicle, I had a better idea. REUSE the hot air balloon costume from a few years ago. I didn't expect the competition that showed up on parade day. It was obvious these parents are serious about competitions around these parts. Check out the photo! The Mystery Machine!! Some of my favorites aren't even in the picture. There was a 'Mator from cars (that won) and a sweet double decker ice cream van, and the cutest little helicopter with a hat that had the propeller! ADORABLE!

On Friday both boys had "Field Day" and being one person I choose to attend the youngest childs event (sorry Ben).  
Cloudy had a great time...  showing off our lack of basketball skills.  Poor planning on the event staff.  Who asks 4-6yr old to RUN and DRIBBLE -- Motor skills HELLO!  have they not taken Motor Developement classes?  Talk about not providing an opportunity for success.  

Not sure why - but people in Texas really REALLY become excited about tug-of-war.  Screaming - yelling - telling the kids to "pull pull pull"  but noone explained how or what to do. 

Now, this one has seen enough running events - he knew what to do when it came relay time.  
ROCKET FAST.  Watch for this one in the near future.  I think Ben was 5 when he ran his first 5k.  Cloudy could be close.  

I really enjoyed having a day to hang out with him.  He is a sweet kid.  This Thursday is Pre-K graduation.  He is reading on a Kindergarten level 5


Tammy said...

go Cloudy! Jacob enjoyed his field day too - next year at his new school they are competing for ribbons. It should be a whole new experience for him AND me ha! Way to go on reading too Cloudy!!

Karen L. Reese said...

I used to love those roller things.....can't think of what they're called. Tons of fun. Cloudy looks ready to be a runner! :)

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