Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jenn still doesn't know how to.....

Right around Easter we acquired 2 new unis.   One for the boys to learn and a new one for Peter's birthday.   Two weeks later Ben is killing me with his mad skills.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter weekend

It was a wild weekend over here in Northwest Fort Worth.  PawPaw (aka Tom, Uncle Tom, Dad, Dr Reverend) showed up Thursday to spend the craziness with us.  Good Friday just happened to also be Peter's birthday --  the last of the 30s for him.  He smoked a brisket and we sat outside incredibly too long talking to the neighbors and letting the kids play.  Saturday, Tom's birthday, we celebrated by having an Easter scavenger party for the kids.  We kept it small and simple and the kids had a wonderful time.  Afterwards, we enjoyed an early dinner at Joe's CrabShack.  mmmm mmmm
On Easter we relaxed, all the kids bounced around from neighbor house to  neighbor house every 30minutes playing here and there.   We all practiced the slackline and on our unicycles (yes we own more than 1 now).  Luke even chased a few bunnies just for good measure.  

Monday, April 7, 2014


The neighbors had a dirt delivered over the weekend, and then it rained, and then they played.  

And then they were hosed off in the driveway.   But they had fun!  

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Florida trip last month

Last month for Spring Break we took a trip to Florida to see Pete's grandparents.   We visited with Grandma Prann for a few days and "The Great Tree" was a huge hit. The boys spent the majority of their time in the tree.  
We also saw an alligator in the lake, chased it with the canoe, and scared Ben when we got within 10 yards of it.   A trip to Venice isn't complete without searching the beaches for sharks teeth.  The boys ended up with a few dozen from this trip, some are pretty nice size too.  

The last part of the week we headed to Palm Harbor to visit Umpah and NanaJan.  
We took to the boys to Howard Park which is a favorite spot of ours.  It's not too crowded and we always find interesting wildlife there.  Hermit crabs are abundant, and if we are vigilant we usually find a crab or two.  This time we also added in a stingray and a starfish!  And I had a scallop scare a scream out of me.