Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dear Blog, I'm sorry for ignoring you.... Forever Yours

I've noticed a trend during the past 2 years: Lack of blog entries.  
I'm sure you don't care to hear every little detail of our life (and if you did it goes something like this: school/work, study, sleep, repeat), but I've failed in my "journal" entries for the boys.  To look back on one day, and say "wow, we were nerdy" 

So on to the nerdiness... 

A few weeks ago we sat down with Ben to watch Duck Soup (Marx Bros).  It wasn't as classic as we expected, and turned it off before it was over.  Since the night was still early Pete turned on Space Balls and after a few good deep laughs I called it a night.  
A few days later Ben comes in our with undies in his head and hair pulled through the leg holes and announces... "I'm a MOG"  (if you haven't seen Space Balls a MOG is the Man/Dog creature played by Jon Candy that is Chewbacca spoofed.)  

Last Sunday we had another day of falling ice.  Pete read in the news that it has been 30 years since there were this many freezes in one winter. 

M and Ben waiting for the bus after one of our ice storms.  

CLOUDY:  Oh Cloudy.  Where to start.  The picture pretty much sums it up.  He is doing SUPER in pre-school!  They are teaching him 3 sight words every week, and every Monday when we leave I ask him what the words are, and he tells me as quick as he sees them.  He is so excited when he sees one of his site words on tv, or in books, or driving down the road (us not the words). 

Ben earned a spot on the school's Battle of the Books team. 
Battle of the Books (BOB) is a competition where kids read 10 books and then as a team answer questions (with a little collaboration time to decide on the correct answer) about the books.  
Example: Which book was about a yellow dog.  Answer: Love that Dog.   
That was more of the simpler questions from District meet, most of the questions were complicated. 
At his school, there were 5 teams and his team won the competition and advanced to district (to compete with 13 other school teams).  The kids did great!