Sunday, January 26, 2014

BIG weekend

Maybe not in order of importance, but I'm tired of dorking with the layout, so I'm rolling with this.  BUT TAKE NOTE TO READ ALL THE WAY!  The SUPER EXCITING INFO IS AT THE END. 

Today TD Ameritrade held an employee day at the Cowboy stadium.  We had supper in the Hospitality Lounge and then directed to the field.  The boys had a blast running up and down the field. 
We were very curious going in to the stadium, because just a few days ago on the news we saw them laying the floor for the NCAA Final 4.  Assuming it was a dry fit/test run, b/c tonight it was all football. 


Saturday we had a race with Benjamin.  He RAN HIS FIRST HALF MARATHON.  not a 5k, or 10k.. But a FULL (well half) 13.1 miles (unless you take into account my watch and pete's gps that said 13.3)

Before the race - a chilly 35 degrees.  

about a mile in... 

Just after the 6.5mile turn around.. 

The course was pretty darn hilly, and Ben was tapped out on the last 2 miles.  We were hoping for a larger crowd to help motivate him through the finish, but the race had only 250 runners.  It was a well supported race and well run.  They even recognized him in the awards since he was the youngest runner. VERY PROUD OF HIM! 

Ben placed 4th in his age Div.  The other kids in his age division were all over 16, even the one that finished after him.  I think he did AMAZING!  And fellow runners did not let us down, when they saw him they cheered him (or sometimes her) on.   Lots of friendly runners came up to him after and showered him with compliments and praise.  
It was outstanding to run his first half marathon with him. He trained for 3 months and is so extremely proud of his finishers medal.