Friday, November 7, 2014


We had a great Halloween this year!  The kids had so much fun on their hay ride around the neighborhood.   They ran more running to and fro the trailer than they would have if they would've just ran to the next house.  We had 9 kids go around with us, while my mom and pop sat in our drive way to hand out candy.  
For the first time in years Pop wore his hook, so I had him wear a pirate hat and eye patch (over his blind eye) and we found a mr potato head parrot that attached to his hood.  The kids LOVED him!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monster Kids Triathlon

Saturday was one for the books.  We woke up at 5am to prep for the kids triathlon.   Hundreds of kids participated in this event and it was amazing!  The boys had so much fun and I couldn't have been happier.   Cloudy was in the Leap Frog division of 4-6 year olds.  He swam 25 yards, biked 1 mile, and ran 1/3 mile.  I was at the end of the lane when he came out of the pool to help with his transition.  He looked at me and said "THIS IS SO MUCH FUN MOM" and off we went to the bike.  He was wicked fast on the bike and before I knew he was back and we were transitioning for the run.  As he approached the finish line  the announcer said "the kid with the coolest name of the race CLOUDY Carter!".   

We put his things together, grabbed refreshments and headed back to the pool to watch Ben (who had been waiting for an hour and half).  He did amazing!  He swam 75yards, rode 2miles and ran 1mi.  He was beaming that he passed kids on Jr road bikes, and he run was an easy 8min mile.  

In the evening we walked down to the community social.  We transformed our neighbors shop into a haunted house and had a costume contest.   
Cloudy was voted best costume for his age group.  Ben was voted most popular with the girls..(not really).All the girls wanted to touch Ben's costume, I told him it was something he would have to get used to (since he is so darn gorgeous). 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cloudy's 5th Birthday

Last Thursday Cloudy turned 5!  This year his personality traits have really exploded.  The kid loves to observe and refuses to attempt a task unless he is fully confident in his abilities of succeeding.  Take kneeboarding, bike riding, and waterskiing.  Now unicycling is a bit different - he knows it takes lots of practice to find the right balance to stay up.  He is working hard on it and I'm sure before long will be out riding us all.  

I'm FINALLY seeing him ENJOY reading!  And this year in PreK he is one of the older kids and he has now become the leader!  I tell him everyday he needs to make sure he plays with the boys AND the girls.  

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Party photos

In case you are an email subscriber and missed the video in the previous post, this link will take you to the YouTube video.  

Happy Birthday Benjamin

Ben's 9th birthday was Friday night.  He had a load of friends and family come and stay the night.
Ben decided he wanted a tent cake so we decided to have a camping theme party.  Kids cooked their own hotdogs over the fire, then they burned smores we had jiffy pop popcorn, and the boys "slept" in the tent.  They didn't actually sleep.  Around 3am I decided they had quieted enough for me to call it a night.  At 7am Pete hears them up running around the back yard.  Crazy boys! (I'm exhausted!)

Thanks to my Mom and Dad, Jennifer and Coby, Matt and Christin, Brittany and my kids amazing Aunt Maybe for attending Ben's birthday!

Monday, July 28, 2014

pool time

years and years ago Peter purchased us a Pentax water-proof camera.  Every now and then I trip over it, give the batteries a quick charge and......  

even in the water his hair blocks one eye! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monthly Blog Entry

Wow has it been a crazy summer.  The second week in June, the Carter crew visited for a few days to kick off the summer of visitation.  The boys spent DAYS outside in our new-to-us playground, while Tammy and I spent those peaceful days poolside.  

The third week in June I took the boys to Hawley America and visited mi padres y mi seester.  It was really nice to hang out for a few days with everyone and not be the one in charge of cooking (i.e. picking the place to eat out).  My mom actually cooked while we were there, while poor Peter who was home alone continued the binge on take out.  My mom also helped me make and embroider the boys bow ties!  She has a fancy machine and is probably extremely tired of me sending her ideas of what to do next.    While we were there I took advantage of free babysitting and "ran" the Summer Solstice with a friend from Denton.  Saturday morning we hauled home to Peter and started packing for the Pennsylvania Carter reunion/Aunt's 90th Party.
The next Tuesday I woke early and loaded all three sleepy boys in our Truckasaurus at 4:30am so I could drive through Dallas before morning commuter traffic.  It worked!  We managed to drive farther than anticipated and stayed at a gorgeous state park in Tennessee.  The next two days were 5 hr trips and a stay at a state park and SKYLINE DRIVE at Shenandoah National Park.  We had the most amazing campsite!  A10A at Loft Mountain if you ever go and stay in a tent.  It is a reservable site and even the park ranger could not believe that the site was available for us.  AWESOME!!!   We hiked parts of the Appalachian Trail and Shenandoah trails.  Pete calls it our preview trip to see if we would ever go to stay a week.

6 more hrs in the car and we arrived to Bear Creek Mountain Ski Resort.  Hoping we could sneak in the back door to our room for a shower (after hiking that morning we needed it).  But we were foiled with the eagle-eyed-Carter crew.  No sooner had we parked the Truck out front they descended.  I mainly blame Pete, he drove in circles around the parking lot for a good 15 minutes alerting anyone looking out a window.  The next few days were spent with the oh so wonderful family!  Aunt was amazing as always.  The Crawford sisters loved my boys but could really care less for me or Peter.  The Georgia Carters were hard to track down, when we did find them it was near the pool.  The Butler kids were wonderful to be around, as always.  Then you had the Bill and Nancy.  Nancy was "decorator in charge" at the party and did a great job!  Bill -- well he showed everyone up by crafting wooden treasure boxes for each kid.  My boys have them storing their most prized possessions.   Karen stayed at the spa most of the time, but when possible I was able to have a few drinks with her.
Sunday was the party and afterwards my crew loaded up and blasted out.  We drove a solid 4 hours, slept, and a long 16hrs the next day.  It was mostly uneventful if you don't count the guy wearing the Texas Tech shirt driving a u-haul that crunched our front bumper while we were fueling the truck.  Poor guy was moving to Lexington (3 u-hauls -- I'm guessing they didn't do a lot of research on moving companies).  Tuesday morning we drove out to Lake Norrell and went for a quick swim before finishing the last 5-1/2 hrs home.
Wednesday my sister, Jenn Jr and Brittany showed up, stayed the night.  Thursday Jenn Jr, Matt and Christina stayed the night.  Friday July 4th,  Trista and Drew (from Omaha) stayed the night and our new TRANE a/c broke.  A week later Trane miraculously found and programmed the right part to have us back working for the 100 degree days.  During central air outage Trane also purchased us a window A/C unit and my cousin Amy and her two teenage boys stayed the night with us.  The past Sunday Shayla and her friend Rachel (from omaha) stayed with us on their "we are adults now" road trip to Padre Island.  In a few days they will come back through to rest before driving home to Omaha.  
I wouldn't have it any other way!  It has been a blessing to see everyone this month.  Just maybe next time we can spread it out some.  

Pete is traveling to Tampa Friday night for nanaJan's memorial.  She went home to heaven while everyone was together in PA for Aunt's 90th.  Regrettably the boys and I are not able to make the trip but that doesn't diminish our love for her and the sweet caring person she was.

You probably won't hear from me again until next month.  Summer Session 2 started on monday and our 15th Anniversary is coming up followed by Ben's 9th birthday.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Last day of 3rd Grade and the end of friends

3rd grade has come and gone.  Ben had his first taste of government enforced testing with the mandatory STAAR test this year.  (He obviously did extremely well).  
first day (above) 
Last day (below)

 Our Friends group of 5 is now a trio.  The neighbor kids moved away (just a 15 miles down the road but STILL).   We already miss them!  

Pre K graduation

Cloudy had graduated from PreK (the first time around). Due to his birth date he will be in PreK again next year.   He had asked for a hair cut and I pulled the "mom-card" asking him to wait until "after graduation" which meant to him in the hours after (meant to me maybe he will forget).  
Being a mom of my word his hair is now in a ziplock back in my craft closet.  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Parades and Field Days

A couple of weeks ago Cloudy's school had a "Transportation Parade". They suggested using boxes for creating the vehicle, I had a better idea. REUSE the hot air balloon costume from a few years ago. I didn't expect the competition that showed up on parade day. It was obvious these parents are serious about competitions around these parts. Check out the photo! The Mystery Machine!! Some of my favorites aren't even in the picture. There was a 'Mator from cars (that won) and a sweet double decker ice cream van, and the cutest little helicopter with a hat that had the propeller! ADORABLE!

On Friday both boys had "Field Day" and being one person I choose to attend the youngest childs event (sorry Ben).  
Cloudy had a great time...  showing off our lack of basketball skills.  Poor planning on the event staff.  Who asks 4-6yr old to RUN and DRIBBLE -- Motor skills HELLO!  have they not taken Motor Developement classes?  Talk about not providing an opportunity for success.  

Not sure why - but people in Texas really REALLY become excited about tug-of-war.  Screaming - yelling - telling the kids to "pull pull pull"  but noone explained how or what to do. 

Now, this one has seen enough running events - he knew what to do when it came relay time.  
ROCKET FAST.  Watch for this one in the near future.  I think Ben was 5 when he ran his first 5k.  Cloudy could be close.  

I really enjoyed having a day to hang out with him.  He is a sweet kid.  This Thursday is Pre-K graduation.  He is reading on a Kindergarten level 5