Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

We just finalized an amazing Christmas!   We used our combined super powers and convinced everyone to gather at our house for the holidays -- AND IT WORKED.  They all came, and we all survived, and they all went home, and I cried.

Sunday Tom arrived.
Monday Hank, Tammy and boys drove in.
Tuesday Karen chugged into the train station.
Wednesday Trish flew in with Santa.
Thursday Jenn Jr, Coby, and Matt stopped in.  Two eventually left, but one stayed behind.
Friday - two house guests left (Trish and Jenn Jr) and the final (most anticipated) arrival pulled in our drive around 2.  Bringing GIRLS,  Lots of cute, blue-eyed squishy girls!
Our house at this point has 14 people sleeping, sitting, and sometimes sleeping while sitting.
Sunday the Georgia Carters depart for home, followed by Karen leaving that night.
Monday was the disappointing end to our escapades for the holidays with Pete and Laura returning to Kentucky and Tom flying home to Arkansas.
We are exhausted.  My floors are clean again, but I'd trade it for a second to have everyone back.

The boys here before candlelight service
Christmas morning
Hot tub!
All of the Tom Carter grandchildren together for the first time *(upon Caroline's arrival)
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Tuba, or not tuba ... that is the question said...

For some reason I am just now reading this. We had an absolute BLAST. Can't wait to come back this summer!

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