Sunday, November 3, 2013


This was a year of firsts. 1) no contest 2)Ben designed his own costume 3) recycled costume 4) trick-or-treating via cart

I must first defend #4.  (I know there were a few groans when that was read.)  We are NOT lazy...most of the time. Our neighborhood is spread out.  The driveways are long.  Many of the neighbors take both parents out with kids and leave the lights out.     I asked my parents to bring up their carts and Pete found us a fantastic little trailer.  We took a total of 7 kids with us and stayed out for 2 hours (equivalent to 2 mommy drinks and full candy baskets) 

1) There were no contest around here that we could find.  It wouldn't have mattered if there was one.  We didn't complete Ben's costume until he was putting it on at 6:30 on the 31st.  

2)  Ben had decided MONTHS ago he was going to be R2D2.  I tried my hardest to convince him to be C3P0 and let Cloudy be R2.  I stink at convincing.  But I think he did a fanstastic job designing and helping assemble.  

3) Cloudy wanted to be a Ninja Turtle or a Batman, he was very undecisive.  October 1st came around and the boys helped me unload boxes of Halloween decorations.  In those boxes was a leftover Bowser.  At that moment he was set!  He tried it on almost every day after that.  I had a few repairs, and felt like maybe it was cheating a bit, but I still believe it's a pretty groovy costume.  Way better than a ninja or a batman.  

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Can't wait to see you guys in a few days!!!

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