Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cloudy turns 4 and a list of firsts


Last week was our first week of school... and wouldn't you know the Sunday before a group of boys decide to start playing together for the first time all summer.  
We can thank Cloudy for the group.  He had asked Jarred over to play, and Jarred is a bicycle maniac.  That day Cloudy decided it was time to ride.  Pete put the pedals back on his bike (we were using it as a balance bike) and away Cloudy rode.
As my kids were riding in our extra long drive, one kid shows up, then another, and before you know it 7 kids are riding in my drive.  And every day since!

It's sad that they found each other 2 days before school started, but I'm excited both the boys have found other kids on our street to play with finally!

Tuesday morning showed up with the FIRST day of 3rd Grade! 

Thursday comes around and Cloudy's first day of Pre-K!  Can you believe it!  He's the youngest kid in his class but his teacher has no problem with it at all.  He's doing excellent. 

Almost a week later Samuel Phillip turns 4! 
The alligator cake: 
He received his first pair of Chacos, a groovy lizard watch, and some binoculars that he basically sleeps with.  There were other toys.  But he's a boy that just started riding a bike -- he doesn't need much to entertain him anymore.   

 "C" is for Cloudy (his words his apple) 

Cloudy decided this summer was the summer of firsts.  He started waterskiing in July, Kneeboarding in August and Bike riding a week before his birthday.  He does amazing on the water! 
I should also mention Ben has mastered a surface 360 on the kneeboard and is attempting big jumps.  He is also doing really well on the wakeboard, but finding it a little harder to carve through the water. 

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