Monday, July 29, 2013

dearest blog

 We (I like to share the responsibility) have become really terrible at updating here.

A few weeks ago I had a triathlon at Ray Roberts (similar to the one in early May - just longer) and we decided to camp, since it worked out so well last time.  It was SO HOT Friday and Saturday.  I'm talking 100+ heat.  I was unloading sodas from the back of the truck and as I touched a 7up the can exploded -- THAT HOT.  It actually happened twice on me, when I decided to leave the rest.
The park rangers held a bug expo that we attended, and thankfully had tons of shade.  
Now you're probably thinking, why in the world would someone (me) sign up for a triathlon in JULY in TEXAS.   Answer: I don't know.  It was here, I was here, It was nice and cool when I signed up, obviously wasn't thinking.  Good news: a "cold front" moved in Saturday night and it was in the 70s all day Sunday. To make the race even sweeter, the rain waited until i was out of the water and then rained  a gentle cooling rain the entire race.  It was perfect (for July and for Texas).

The boys and I took a side trip last week to my parents house.  The kids really enjoy spending time with them.  Cloudy was mad when we made a detour to eat lunch with my sister, but soon got over it when we saddled horses and went for a ride. (can't imagine why they like it there so much)

On weekends we have been doing what we do best.  Burning through gallons and gallons of fuel on the water.  There's rarely any down time these days.  Cloudy kneeboards and waterskis, Ben kneeboards, skis, and wakeboards, and somewhere in there Pete and I still try to take turns on the slalom.  If we feel left out, we throw a second rope and piggy back on Ben's turn.

Time this summer has been flying by us.  We've stayed busy with visits and active with water sports. 
Now here it is the end of July and on Thursday we celebrate Benjamin's EIGHTH birthday! 
He made R2D2 origami invitations for the small gathering we will have Thursday night, and I'm in the process of building a cake and planning a party and trying to decided what else we need when it hit me like a slimy frog across the face.  Yeah, that face you just made when you visualized a slimy frog hitting your face is the one I made when I realized Pete and I have an anniversary in 2 days.  14 years.  ouch.   So this week and the following 3 weeks are booked solid, and by the time we slow down school will start, an addition to the Crawford family arrives, Cloudy turns 4 and before we know it Halloween costumes will be in the works, travel plans for the holidays will be negotiated and amazon shopping carts will fill up.   But hopefully you will hear from me before then.


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