Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Papillion Days 2013 - It's a tradition

It's no secret we love Papillion Days.  Since 1999 when our nieces and nephews started visiting us in the summer we've been every year.  So just because we live 600 miles away is no reason to stop a tradition.

We had a great week back in Nebraska.  We toured the new TDAmeritrade building, stayed with the Kendalls in their wonderful new house, enjoyed an evening with the fabulous Butler family and celebrated Shayla's return from Bolivia/17th birthday party with the Stevens'.  We also had a brisket dinner at the McMahon-sion: Chris has designed and built an amazing theater (home theater doesn't do this place justice at all!).  Nancy, however has one upped him with the creation of the McBaby - Paul is adorable.
And the icing on the cake was I participated in the Papillion Days Duathlon with Nikki.

Ben is tall enough (and brave enough) to ride all the rides at the carnival -- check out the grin going up and the oh-no face coming down.  This was the best! 


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