Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Spectacular

Friday, I noticed an infestation of honey bees in the eave about the office window.  Pete researched and decided to call a beekeeper to fix our issue.   He came out today and was really kind to the boys and let them have some honeycomb from a nest he removed at the previous house.  The honey was delicious!
He also told us to kill ants, take a scoop from two ant hills and place them in the opposite ant hill, they terminate each other.  The greenest way to kill ants - create an ant war!


After our bee-ology 101, we took a trip downtown and enjoyed the small Fort Worth Zoo.  It's really a pretty zoo, but so unimpressive after seeing Omaha's AMAZING zoo.  
They penguins were disappointing (because they were all sad and boycotting the window - I don't blame you penguins, I would too).  The River Otter on the other hand was very playful and enjoying all the attention. 

on our way home we took a chance on Pappadeauxs Restaurant and managed to arrive at the exact right time and was seated immediately.

Tomorrow - - L A K E 
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