Tuesday, May 28, 2013

two of our favorite things: strawberries and water

I've somehow managed to keep the strawberry plants alive - hurray.  Cloudy has eaten all  3 of the strawberries that came from the plant. He refuses to share.

A few weeks ago we took out the Tangerine Peril and had a great time.  On Mothers Day we went waterskiing and Ben rocked his wakeboard for the fist time and did AMAZING.  I had not packed Cloudy's ski, and while we were out he suddenly had the urge to learn.  So hopefully by the end of the summer he too will be skiing.  

random photo of Ben zoning out to the tv while at the dentist.

Field Day -- almost the end of the school year!  only 2 weeks left.
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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Spectacular

Friday, I noticed an infestation of honey bees in the eave about the office window.  Pete researched and decided to call a beekeeper to fix our issue.   He came out today and was really kind to the boys and let them have some honeycomb from a nest he removed at the previous house.  The honey was delicious!
He also told us to kill ants, take a scoop from two ant hills and place them in the opposite ant hill, they terminate each other.  The greenest way to kill ants - create an ant war!


After our bee-ology 101, we took a trip downtown and enjoyed the small Fort Worth Zoo.  It's really a pretty zoo, but so unimpressive after seeing Omaha's AMAZING zoo.  
They penguins were disappointing (because they were all sad and boycotting the window - I don't blame you penguins, I would too).  The River Otter on the other hand was very playful and enjoying all the attention. 

on our way home we took a chance on Pappadeauxs Restaurant and managed to arrive at the exact right time and was seated immediately.

Tomorrow - - L A K E 
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

For the Love of Dogs

Every time I see the boys loving Luke - I wonder how much Bailey is in this dog.  He is so patient with them, and Cloudy is constantly draped over him.  
Most kids argue over the who sleeps in the top bunk.  Mine argue over the bottom because that's the one where the dog sleeps.  
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Monday, May 6, 2013

May Camping

A few months ago I signed up for a Triathlon.  It happened to be at the state park that we enjoy camping, so at the same time I made reservations.  The weather was perfect for camping, not triathloning or waterskiing.  We had a great time playing at the park across the street, and taking out the Tangerine Peril.   And Pete had plenty of kids ask him questions about his unicycle.  Mr Sociable better learn how to be sociable if he is going to have cool toys and pretty dogs, because Texans are natural talkers.
As for the triathlon I did pretty well.  The boys came up to watch at the transition area and cheer me on.  Pete told them to look for mom and Ben said "But how do we know what she looks like."  Apparently everyone around them started laughing.  But if you've ever been to a race it's pretty typical for all the women to be wearing black clothing,  and most of the cyclist had white helmets, and at 20mph I can imagine it would be pretty hard to pick someone out.
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