Monday, April 29, 2013

from bed head to dead head

Their dad had a late night with coworkers, and Sunday morning the little ones were needing entertainment, solution?  I brought them outdoors and taught them how to dead head roses.  They oozed with enthusiasm!  There are over 20 rose bushes in our yard, so they were pretty busy.
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Howdy Howdy Howdy

I've introduced Megan to the blog a few entries back.  The kids have really enjoyed playing with each other.  Usually just over the fence.  See, she is an singleton and her daddy gives the impression he might not be thrilled with the idea his little girl is playing with little boys.  Rightfully so, Cloudy tried kissing her the other day.  She's the same age as Ben, and about 3 inches taller!  They've been coloring letters to each other and dropping them in the mailboxes.  It's so sweet.

(PS - RYAN the slide is ready for you!!)


Yes Yes that is Luke SPOONING Cloudy.  He is such a nerdy dog, I just don't know what to do.  The other day he wasn't feeling well, and the turkey carefully, and slowly eased into my lap while I was sitting in a chair.  He is WAY too big to be a lap dog, but that doesn't stop him.  He has DESTROYED two of the bushes by the shop from climbing IN them chasing birds (his new favorite past time).  I've planted watermelon and cantaloupe 3 times before I put a fence around the garden bed to keep him from digging everything out.  I guess he's a good fit in the family.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

meet Johnny Smith

Ben loves apples, and is always saving the seeds to plant.  A few weeks back Pete dug a hole in the back-backyard, and Sunday we stopped at the tree farm and Ben picked a Granny Smith to plant.
Cloudy was not happy that he did not have a tree, so today we stopped at the nursery and picked up two lovely strawberry planters.  This way he can eat strawberries ALL summer (as long as I remember to water them).

In other news, we also spent the weekend adding an underground cement curb around part of our fence line.  Luke is a master at digging and squeezing.  He's already figured out where we have reinforced and has kindly pointed out our vulnerable areas.  But isn't he PRETTY!

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Update and more

For Easter festivities we did the ritual egg coloring, hiding, finding, eating.  The 'city folks' put on an egg 'hunt' at the park where the boys enjoyed gathering as many plastic eggs as possible to fill their baskets. As Ben knelt down in front of a pile of eggs another little boy plowed over him and crushed Ben and his basket.  A bloody lip and a broken basket didn't stop him from gathering the stash in front of him.  
Cloudy had an egg hunt at school the Thursday before, and when I went to pick him up the ladies said "oh your poor son".  They thought it was funny that he was very laid back about his egg finding, while the other kids ran and gathered as many as possible, Cloudy would pick one up and check it out before moving on to the next.  They said they redistributed eggs so he ended up with some.  

The weather was so nice Easter weekend we inflated the yard bowling toys and pulled the cover off the pool while Pete grilled a rack of lamb.

This is Megan.  Cloudy REALLY likes her.  He sees her outside, and runs out hollering "HI MEGAN!" and stands by our fence chatting her up.   I invited her over Friday afternoon to fly kites and the kids had the BEST time.  I missed the best shot: Cloudy was standing next to her and he asked her to hold his hand.  It was SO CUTE!

Saturday morning, I wake up and see this!!!!! 
Karen (pete's cousin) was THREE miles from our house.  I instantaneously started blowing up her phone with text messages and finally at lunch time, she agreed to see me, as long as I would stop stalking her.  We grabbed some barbecue and had a picnic while we visited with her for bit.  It was so good to see here again!

Yesterday afternoon, I planted the rest of my garden, and pulled out the last of the radishes.  Not knowing what do do with 2 dozen radishes we quickly found a pickling recipe and I'm excited about these.  

I also made oatmeal blueberry-infused-cranberry cookies that are amazing!  and a pineapple upside down cake.  

Which leads us to this morning.  I hired a sitter and we went to the trails down the road for a morning run.  We saw a few deer, and lots of birds.  The run was really nice, and the hills are harder than expected.  Will definitely go back her to run! Especially if I keep baking.