Sunday, March 3, 2013

Naming of Dogs

So you probably gathered from Jenn's recent post that we decided to name the dog Luke...

We apparently have started a  "tradition" of choosing a name for our dogs that is based on the breed of dog.   Mom came up with the name for our first dog, Talus.   Tally is a Heeler, and talus is the term for some bone in the heel.   I think it's actually an ankle bone, but it's close enough.  (Besides, "calcaneus" doesn't make for nearly as a good a name...)

And Bailey we did not name ourselves, she came with that name.  But "Beagle Bailey" obviously made sense for a beagle.

Luke came to us as "Buddy", which is something I often call Ben...  And is also just a little too generic for us.

Now Luke is a  Treeing Walker Coonhound, so we had that to work with...

I told Jenn we should call him "Ranger", and then he could be "Ranger, Texas Walker", but none of us really liked the name Ranger.

So we settled on "Luke".  The boys like that he's "Luke Treewalker".   I also think it's cool that he's "Coonhound Luke"  (Coolhand Luke).  And for a redneck dog, Luke is the perfect redneck name. (It also makes me think of Bo & Luke Hazzard....)

Although it seems we keep calling him "Dufus" and "Your Dog"..  as in "Look what your dog did now..."


Laura said...

I always thought I had helped name Tally :(

I was in A&P in school and mom asked me which bones made up the heel - I told her Talus and Calcaneus. Though naming her after those bones WAS prolly her idea! :)

Tammy said...

hilarious!! kinda like we say in our house "your son!"

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