Sunday, January 27, 2013

An addition to our family.

Yesterday, I set out for a 20 mile run with my running buddy.  1.5miles into the run his leg was "cramped" (strained) and couldn't get it worked out, so we turned around and walked back.  Since my run was shot, and I really wasn't feeling going out by myself, we headed back to the house.  Pete was working from home so I took the boys to the Humane Society and we met Buddy.  He is a "4" yr old Treeing Walker Coonhound.  After hanging out with him for a while, we left to think about it and let Pete know. 
Today we went back, and Pete must've seen what I saw.  Because he wasn't reluctant at ALL.  
Buddy looks like a GIANT Bailey (still miss her!) which makes him GORGEOUS.  He doesn't/hasn't shown the crazy barking normally associated, and he's really low key. I'm hoping he will be my new running buddy.  

He is quite a bit taller than Tally, which is new for us - she has always been our big dog.  He leads well on a leash, and knows basic behavior. I introduced him to the neighboring dogs and he tried to play it cool in front of all the ladies.  

We are currently tossing around new pup names.  I prefer Barney (from How I Met Your Mother), Pete likes Jake.  My sister votes for Paco.  So if you have name recommendations send them our way.  

In other news:  Spring semester started and Anatomy & Physiology is kicking my butt!
Cloudy started school and LOVES it!
Ben made 97 and above on his report card again this 6 weeks.
Pete still hasn't mastered the unicycle, but is still intact!

Our wonderful friends came to visit us over MLK weekend.  Nikki brought her bike down and we rode over 50miles together.  It seems like EVERYthing we did we saw horses or cows and there were beer venders EVERYwhere.  Wes lost a tooth while he was here, and the Toothfairy brought him a Texas sized Quarter (a 50 cent piece).  We really enjoyed the visit!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

late holiday post

I'm sitting here with Christmas cards in front of me, and I'm seriously contemplating not addressing anymore.  I think I might have sent 5 out early on.  So congratulations to those 5 lucky families!
I was really proud of them too, Ben had painted the tree himself.  The original was hung on the wall.

My sister came in and we toured the shoppes in Grapevine and forgot to invite Pete to lunch!
Normally, it wouldn't be a big deal, but apparently the food at his work cafe was less to be desired.  We still had a good time.  The weather was perfect.

The week of Christmas, Tom/PawPaw arrived, and we saw the  trains at Northpark, strolled around the Gaylord, and drove through the Texas Motor Speedway lights.  

it was mostly disappointing like someone vomited lights.  We waited for 54 minutes and it took us 43 minutes to drive through the lights.  Once you were in line, there was no way out besides driving all the way through.  Lesson learned.
Northpark trains were also disappointing, but the mall had a Lego store, and series 9 minifigs are out, so I was able to grab a few.  

The few pictures I actually took on Christmas day are follows.. Christmas morning opening Socks.

our ginormous, DEAD christmas tree, with the good-intentions/ bad-execution-popcorn-garland, that's why there are only two strands. What a mess! Tally ate part of the lower strand one day while we were out.   

and our very own Christmas Crier!

A few days later my sister and her family were at the house for Christmas.  We really had a great time with them.  Everyone was entertained between the unicycle (YES Pete asked for a unicycle), the numerous r/c helicopters flying, and card/boardgames. 
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