Tuesday, December 18, 2012

it's almost time!!!

Are you ready??  It's almost time!!!  However we try with decorations and music, we are missing something this Christmas.  We are all finding it a tad un-merry when it is 78 degrees in December.  

Cloudy loves playing with this guy, he talks away to him.  Cloudy has more imaginary play than I ever remember Ben doing.  

Ben ran another 5k!  This one I think might've been his fastest to date.  Just over the 30min mark.  

After the race we went downtown Dallas and saw these ginormous ornaments in the park.  

Today I pulled my camera out b/c I saw this!  The sneak was grabbing peppermints

he wasn't happy when I said he could only have one.   He was trying to tell me his little dolly needed one too.   


Tammy said...

ha!! love the last pic! I'm with ya on the heat...we go from 36 in the morning to almost 80 in the afternoon. the sinus stuff is nuts in our house. Ryan just got Rx for a sinus infection yesterday..ugg...At least you have a pool if it gets too hot HA! Love your mantle - pretty wreath :)

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