Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend in November

Saturday was Ben-son's last soccer game of the season.  The game started at 9:45.
I had 18 miles to run, and since I'm not speedy, or a crazy early morning person, I was really struggling to finish b/f the boys left for the game.  I started running at 0600 - finished at 0900.  Walked up to the house as the garage door was going up.  Spent the next 20 minutes sitting in the car, so by the time we arrived to the fields I was completely stiff.  Ben did great at his game!

We then rushed back to the house, hitched up to the camper AND boat.  We spent the rest of the weekend at Lake Ray Roberts WATERSKIING in NOVEMBER!  We were just about the only ones on the lake! Which was good and bad. The water was glass, but we were having a little battery trouble so if the boat would've ever not started we would've been paddling, and that lake is GIANT.

After years and years of skiing at Fremont Lakes in a clockwise direction, Pete took a left turn while I was on the ski and I wasn't quiet sure how to maneuver around.  The boys kneeboarded for (what felt like) hours. Ben decided this weekend was the weekend he learned to kneeboard, and he did fantastic.

Cloudy has issues pronouncing his 'rl' sound claims to be "The king of the weird" which is more fitting than "world"

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