Friday, November 30, 2012

Last of November

His school is doing a "Million word challenge", except for 2nd grade and lower it's a number of books to read.  The kids started in late September and have until May to reach the goals.  Ben is at 93% on the million words, and has long passed the number of books he was tasked to read.  

He only has 2 more weeks in run club.  So far, he's the leader in miles for 2nd and 3rd grade.  Doesn't hurt that he ran the Haslet Hustle 5k, and a Turkey Trot 5k.  Both he did great in, but in the Turkey Trot he ran his fastest 5k to date.  Tonight we are running in the Santa Scurry in Keller, and next week we have the Reindeer Romp 5k.  

We toured a school for him to start in January, part-time.  I think he will do great.  He's knows his ABC's 123s and shapes, he just has a laziness about him. When I ask what is this (a triangle) his answer usually goes, "well it has 3 sides, and 3 corners, looks like a house, and starts with a T"... but to actually have him say triangle for me is next to impossible.  

We went "exploring" on Thursday and he toted next to me with his little flashlight and was a gem!  Everyone commented how great he was.  One lady at a store asked him what he was going to ask from Santa, and his answer was "Food and water"... I think my jaw hit the ground.  
Later when we arrived home, he was helping me pick toys up.  I asked him to take Ben's mommy-lamby to their room, and after a while I found him in the room quite sad.  He said Ben didn't love mommy-lamby, and looked seriously distraught over it. 

The whole purpose of our outing was for a nature photo hike, we ended up in a town square (an actual old time town square, with local shops) and spent the morning shopping.  This was about the only photo I took.  We did however see a 'castle' in Decatur.  


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