Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

Soccer game last Saturday....  Ben did great - if you don't count unintentionally kicking the ball towards his own goalie, who missed stopping it, and scoring a point to tie the teams just b/f the game was over.  I have to say - he had a great steal from the other team, he just happened to turn to the left towards his goalie... oops.

It may look like Pete gets all the credit for pumpkin carving, but ask them who prepared them !

Here are the boys costumes this year...
Cloudy wanted to be Shaun the Sheep from the word Halloween..
His mask was a clear 3 liter soda bottle with a pair of black stockings pulled over, and he had complete visibility.. He also liked the he could take the mask on and off with ease... 

Ben switched from a storm trooper, to Luke Skywalker (3 different types), to about 3 other Star Wars themed characters... until finally landing on a Tusken Raider.
This costume was really easy, we modified a free plastic fireman hat and a milk jug to be the base and glued pieces on to it.

This was our first year to trick or treat here, and at 5pm when it was 83 degrees outside, I really started to miss Papillion.   When dusk hit, we started on our adventure, and the atmosphere is completely different.  We were perhaps one of 3-4 other families on foot, everyone else was driving their golf carts (pulling trailers full of children).    ODD 
We had a good time as we walked around the block while the kids were slathered with ooohs and awws and "goodness, yall are adorable".  After emptying Cloudys bucket the second time b/c it became too heavy for him to carry, we make a dash to the house.  Pete and I dream of the day we can sit out front, and let our boys scare the other kids... 

Side note:  Last Saturday the neighborhood had a "halloween social"... with a costume contest.  We were excited about the prospects of meeting other neighbors and, well honestly a costume contest.   Obviously, both the boys walked away with first prize in their age div.  It was a no brainer! 

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Tammy said...

sounds like a fun night! boo to all the "riders" and golf carts?! lame...we always walked - it didn't kill us HA! They look great! I was telling Hank all the pieces to Ben's head - I saw a belt?? and some tp tubes wrapped in foil?? the rest I couldn't figure out - but you rock!!

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