Friday, November 30, 2012

Last of November

His school is doing a "Million word challenge", except for 2nd grade and lower it's a number of books to read.  The kids started in late September and have until May to reach the goals.  Ben is at 93% on the million words, and has long passed the number of books he was tasked to read.  

He only has 2 more weeks in run club.  So far, he's the leader in miles for 2nd and 3rd grade.  Doesn't hurt that he ran the Haslet Hustle 5k, and a Turkey Trot 5k.  Both he did great in, but in the Turkey Trot he ran his fastest 5k to date.  Tonight we are running in the Santa Scurry in Keller, and next week we have the Reindeer Romp 5k.  

We toured a school for him to start in January, part-time.  I think he will do great.  He's knows his ABC's 123s and shapes, he just has a laziness about him. When I ask what is this (a triangle) his answer usually goes, "well it has 3 sides, and 3 corners, looks like a house, and starts with a T"... but to actually have him say triangle for me is next to impossible.  

We went "exploring" on Thursday and he toted next to me with his little flashlight and was a gem!  Everyone commented how great he was.  One lady at a store asked him what he was going to ask from Santa, and his answer was "Food and water"... I think my jaw hit the ground.  
Later when we arrived home, he was helping me pick toys up.  I asked him to take Ben's mommy-lamby to their room, and after a while I found him in the room quite sad.  He said Ben didn't love mommy-lamby, and looked seriously distraught over it. 

The whole purpose of our outing was for a nature photo hike, we ended up in a town square (an actual old time town square, with local shops) and spent the morning shopping.  This was about the only photo I took.  We did however see a 'castle' in Decatur.  

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Tree Shopping

Today we had planned on hunting for a Christmas tree.  But once outside, we decided it could wait another weekend....
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend in November

Saturday was Ben-son's last soccer game of the season.  The game started at 9:45.
I had 18 miles to run, and since I'm not speedy, or a crazy early morning person, I was really struggling to finish b/f the boys left for the game.  I started running at 0600 - finished at 0900.  Walked up to the house as the garage door was going up.  Spent the next 20 minutes sitting in the car, so by the time we arrived to the fields I was completely stiff.  Ben did great at his game!

We then rushed back to the house, hitched up to the camper AND boat.  We spent the rest of the weekend at Lake Ray Roberts WATERSKIING in NOVEMBER!  We were just about the only ones on the lake! Which was good and bad. The water was glass, but we were having a little battery trouble so if the boat would've ever not started we would've been paddling, and that lake is GIANT.

After years and years of skiing at Fremont Lakes in a clockwise direction, Pete took a left turn while I was on the ski and I wasn't quiet sure how to maneuver around.  The boys kneeboarded for (what felt like) hours. Ben decided this weekend was the weekend he learned to kneeboard, and he did fantastic.

Cloudy has issues pronouncing his 'rl' sound claims to be "The king of the weird" which is more fitting than "world"

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

Soccer game last Saturday....  Ben did great - if you don't count unintentionally kicking the ball towards his own goalie, who missed stopping it, and scoring a point to tie the teams just b/f the game was over.  I have to say - he had a great steal from the other team, he just happened to turn to the left towards his goalie... oops.

It may look like Pete gets all the credit for pumpkin carving, but ask them who prepared them !

Here are the boys costumes this year...
Cloudy wanted to be Shaun the Sheep from the word Halloween..
His mask was a clear 3 liter soda bottle with a pair of black stockings pulled over, and he had complete visibility.. He also liked the he could take the mask on and off with ease... 

Ben switched from a storm trooper, to Luke Skywalker (3 different types), to about 3 other Star Wars themed characters... until finally landing on a Tusken Raider.
This costume was really easy, we modified a free plastic fireman hat and a milk jug to be the base and glued pieces on to it.

This was our first year to trick or treat here, and at 5pm when it was 83 degrees outside, I really started to miss Papillion.   When dusk hit, we started on our adventure, and the atmosphere is completely different.  We were perhaps one of 3-4 other families on foot, everyone else was driving their golf carts (pulling trailers full of children).    ODD 
We had a good time as we walked around the block while the kids were slathered with ooohs and awws and "goodness, yall are adorable".  After emptying Cloudys bucket the second time b/c it became too heavy for him to carry, we make a dash to the house.  Pete and I dream of the day we can sit out front, and let our boys scare the other kids... 

Side note:  Last Saturday the neighborhood had a "halloween social"... with a costume contest.  We were excited about the prospects of meeting other neighbors and, well honestly a costume contest.   Obviously, both the boys walked away with first prize in their age div.  It was a no brainer! 

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