Saturday, October 6, 2012


6:30 -run
9:00 home - ben's awake, soccer clothes lost
9:10 found soccer clothes - start wash
9:15 Cloudy wakes up, sleeping husband awaken by call from command center
9:16 Dress cloudy, shower and dress myself - convince Ben to dress, throw soccer clothes in dryer
9:30 Cheat for breakfast - head to the closest store (DONUTS!)
9:33 Pete calls, worried we left without him, still on work call.
10:10 leave for game
10:42 arrive at soccer field
10:45 game starts
11:45 game over, head to target for birthday gift
12:00 party starts, sitting in traffic 7 miles away
12:35 arrived at party
2:00 head home, sprinklers are stuck on, Pete manages to power them off, harder than it seems
3:00 drive north of the airport to see the finale of the air show: THUNDERBIRDS!  

From where we were parked, 1/4mile from the flight line - they were flying right over us! Almost like we had paid the $25 parking fee to attend the show.. (maybe tomorrow)

Ben is NOT my child, I was chanting "when I grow up I want to be an F-16 pilot" and he was
reading a book!!!!  THE NERVE 


Tammy said...

the little book worm!!! that is awesome the pic of Clouds....he looks like he's enjoying sitting up top :)

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