Sunday, October 14, 2012

one long saturday

Saturday morning Ben had a double header.  When the first game started only 9 kids had showed up.  Ben ended up playing 3 quarters of the first game and the entire second game.
The kids played really well (which is mom terms for - they lost both games).

Afterwards we were all famished, so Peter took us to a new taco joint followed by Celebrate Roanoke!
We stopped by for a "few minutes" to "check it out" "not expecting much".  We ended up staying HOURS.

Cloudy thought riding the bus was the best part! 

At the showdown on Main st, Cloudy FLIPPED out when they started "shooting" 

Some local wood craftsmen were exhibiting their skills, and GIVING the cars away. HAPPY BOYS

There were blocks of family friendly things to do.  The kid stations including: face painting, balloon artists, clowns, juggler, bounce houses, climbing walls, craft tables.
In our opinion, Roanoke really knows how to put on a party.  


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