Friday, September 14, 2012

Soccer Season

Yeah that's right.  We finally gave in and signed Ben up for soccer this year.  So for the next 8 Saturdays we will be at a soccer game.
Cloudy enjoys playing "baseball" too.  He usually plays "baseball" with the soccer ball at the soccer field during ben's soccer practice.  Why he calls it baseball, i have no idea!

We bought Ben some reversible shorts, gray/green and two shirts, not intending for him to wear green on green - but there he is, our little highlighter!  We are so proud.  Just in case you can't tell which he is, i added an arrow pointing towards him.  

This picture was left over from Cloudy's birthday.  He has a ton of fun with his light saber.

Here is a little video of what Cloudy learned to do over the summer.

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Tammy said...

that's great!~!! I love that little hi-lighter HA! - way to go Clouds!!! Next summer you can teach cousin Jacob how to do that :)

Laura said...

Yaay Cloudy!! What a good little swimmer :)

Karen L. Reese said...

Hmmm, that light saber picture reminds me of two other brothers playing with light sabers around that age.... :)

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