Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bike ride blues

Sunday we headed to  downtown Ft Worth.  We planned on riding part of the Trinity Trails.
What ended up happening was we sat in a pavillion 2/10th of a mile from the truck in a complete toad strangler.

 Before the down pour, we had ventured through the park and I have to say, this is my style of graffiti.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School is now in session

That's right!  Summer has officially ended.

Our day started early - early - early. (It was STILL DARK outside, that's TOO early!)
Ben reported home with great reviews of second grade.

Before school 

While Ben was at school... Cloudy and I worked on his alphabet. 

Loves his raffi, and misses his brother 

yay he's home! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Inner Space

°°°°° I was having technical difficulties last week when I wrote this post and discovered it hiding in drafts today°°°°°

Brittany and Jenn Jr joined us on another adventure.  We traveled down to visit with my grandma yesterday morning and after lunch we explored the Inner Space Caverns.
It was a pretty neat tour, no stairs this time, and over a mile in walking.  We saw a few bats, which is always cool in a cave, and we paid the extra $2 to "explore" a section with flashlights: this is where Brittany and Ben had the MOST fun!  Until she hit her head, as Ben describes it her head went "BOOOOOONNNNNNNG".  A lot of the stones if we tapped them hard enough made a musical 'bong' sound.
I somehow managed to pawn the driving duties on Jenn Jr, and quickly found out that the threat "girls don't make me..(insert whatever threat to stop kids from arguing).." doesn't work from the backseat.
I had made a chocolate chip cookie-bar and the girls devoured it on the trip, so once arriving I quickly made them another while we waited for Matt and Coby to arrive.  Pete was generous and took us all out for sushi!  It was a LONG, but fantastic day spent with my family.

on a side note a few funnies from the boys:
Cloudy and I were talking about how much he loves his Raffi (blanket), and he told me he never wants to take THIS one in the store, because stores EAT raffis.

Ben is at the age I guess, every time we are out I hear at least once "wow, look at those wheels"

Cloudy: "I want to be a Penguin when I grow up"

Monday, August 13, 2012

Table Rock Lake

After Ben's "party" we had a few days which included our 13th anniversary and Ben's actual birthday, a trip to see my grandma and 2 days of packing for a week long camping trip.

We met up with our most favorite camping friends, the Kendall's, at Table Rock lake in Missouri.
We had a great time, even though some of us (me - and sometimes Pete) weren't on our best behavior.

We had some really hot days, some really quick storms, and a few nights in the 50s!!!  It was crazy.
We managed to avoid the overall Branson scene, besides a few trips to town for dessert and a pretty neat river area that has an hourly "water and fire" show.

We visited the Talking Rock Caverns.  We initially thought this would be a great way to spend the hottest day, but I think we all walked away from it a little disappointed.  Cloudy was terrified and wanted to go back up, Wes wasn't sure about the entire situation, Ben was amazed for the most part.  It was 150 stairs down, where you turned around and went back up.  We decided to take the 1/2 mile nature trail to the waterfall, and when we got close, some other hikers informed us the waterfall was dry. BOOOOO!

The water at the lake was crazy clear (the way lakes are supposed to be I assume).  It was cool to see the fish swimming around us.  We spent a few days driving around the 700+ miles of shoreline exploring coves, islands, and eateries.

And on our last night we witnessed a meteor shower! Great closing to a great week camping.

Friday night MO Park Spider educational talk


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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Benjamin!!

7 quick years!