Sunday, June 3, 2012

Schools out for summer!

A while back we attended our nephew Matt's graduation. It's hard to
believe that he is 18 and graduated high school, just a few short
years ago he was Ben's size and visiting us in Nebraska.

Ben's last day was Jun 1. The school had designated the last day of
school to be donuts for breakfast day, and there was a list sent home
for kids to bring items in. On Friday when Cloudy and I arrived with
our Dozen donuts, I counted 18 dozen donuts JUST for the first graders
(3 classes of less than 20 kids!) That doesn't even take in to
account the heaps and mounds of other food they had.

This weekend we lounged around the house. On Saturday we searched and
searched the city for a recycling center that accepted paper,
plastics, glass... RECYCLES! We found lots of places that had
aluminum or metal - but none that would take our household recycles.
We live on the wrong side of the street to be included in Waste
Managements recycling program. (ONE STREET!)
But while we were down in Ft Worth, we stopped and visited the Water
Gardens downtown. They were interesting and I'm sure pretty amazing
at night.


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