Monday, June 18, 2012

Papillion Days and More...

This past weekend was Papillion Days.  I felt like we needed this in our Summer-of-Fun list! 
Ben was able to schedule a play date with his school friend, we spent time with our Stevens family, and had a soggy evening at the Butler house.  

We spent Friday at the zoo - the BEST zoo EVER!  During the winter they updated Scotts Aquarium and it gives an entirely different feel to the place.  That evening we all went to the Testicle Festival, and then to the FIREWORK show.  

The boys were devastated when we told them they weren't riding rides Friday night, but after a little Funnel cake all was right with the universe.
Saturday after the rain let up, we headed back to the carnival and the boys rode rides till they couldn't stand the excitement anymore (they were exhausted).  We ate one more time in Papillion, said goodbye to our good friends the Kendalls, and started our journey back to the house.

On Sunday, we stopped in Oklahoma City at Bricktown.  It's a nice area - where the city has created a river walk area. I had heard about it several times, but this was our first stop and it was well worth it.

Here are more pictures from our trip.  I left the camera a LOT, b/c of the rain or potential rain - so really there's only pics of the carnival.

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