Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fort Worth Nature Center

Today the boys had a choice of the museum and Grossology or the Nature Center.
They chose hiking, exploring, (sweating), and picnicking.   It was an excellent choice!
We saw buffalo, deer, herons, egrets, birds we have yet to identify, snakes (in aquariums), and (injured) owls.  It was a pretty neat excursion.  We didn't do much back trail hiking.  We mainly stayed on the short trails and boardwalks.  It's one thing to hike 3 miles and have a geyser at the end of the hike as your reward, it's a different story to hike 3 miles and see thicket.


At the boardwalk we had at least 5 turtles swim up and stare us down.  I'm sure they were waiting for turtle treats but we hadn't brought any, and the signs say not to feed them anyway.  

On the way home the boys twisted my arm and had me stop at OrangeLeaf for some froyo.  By the time we made it to the house Cloudy was dozing pretty hard.  Ben grabbed his book before I could even take my shoes off, and he curled up to read more.

This is our attempt at seeing the Venus Transit.  Unfortunately,  we had some cloud cover and never saw it from "our sun".  So we relied on "NASA's sun" video feed.  pretty neat stuff.  

Cloudy is grumping because he doesn't want to share the swing with anyone. 
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Tammy said...

love that pout! the swing is excellent!! Can't wait to swing in it in a few weeks! :)

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