Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cloudy Bear!

When did he grow so big??!!
I pulled out a box of Clothes I saved from Ben-little and the first time I saw Cloudy in the stegosaur shirt I teared up. Seems like yesterday Ben wore these shirts and how is it possible Cloudy Bear can wear them today?

But here I sit with Cloudy turning three soon, Ben ending his 1st grade year in another week and My two nephews, Matt and Ryan, Graduating High School!! *sigh*


Tammy said...

adorable!!! I've had some of the same thoughts I took Jacob for his 6 year check up. HE had to fill out a little question form. Yes - HE had to write and answer the questions and it asked "what grade" and he put 1st!! WOW! and then doc walked in the room and Ryan took one look at him and his head blew off!! ahh - memories :)

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