Friday, May 11, 2012

catching up for lost time..

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy.  I am easily distracted these days which makes me VERY unproductive.  And when I'm unproductive I start to feel - blah.  So I haven't been very motivated with finishing any task.
I had attempted (a few times) to photo document a day in the life of the boys... but never really made it all the way through the day.  It's harder than I thought, and I always have my camera around.  
Here's the best I can do for now, a couple of days and random photos for "in the day of" blog. 

It won't be long now and school will be out for summer!!  I have no idea how I will convince the boys it's time to brush their teeth and go to bed without the precedence of waking up at 0'dark:30 

We have two no"raffi's" for Cloudy that he LOVED  
That's right!  He insisted on taking his one and only known raffi shopping with us on Wednesday.  And as we were loading up the groceries in to the car I realized Raffi was MIA.  Cloudy said he lost him, but wasn't sure where.  We spent the next hour walking the store with the manager searching with no luck.  He has cried every night.  I have tried to push the 'original' raffi's (shown in picture) - and he throws them to the ground.  The one he loves can only be found on ebay -- for $50!!!  Sorry kid! Not happening.  

Once the kids are in bed - Peter has been spending long hrs in the shop working on the boat.  I really should enjoy the quiet time.. but i usually don't.  

We are NOT early morning people.  The bus arrives at our house for Ben at 7:15.  We are required to wake at 6:40 in order to dress, brush, eat, and find shoes b/f the bus.  So now on the weekends, the boys no longer sleep in - well they do - but they consider 7:40 sleeping in. 

Cloudy cries and cries and cries if Ben tries to leave the  house without sharing some hugs and kisses.  So we normally all sit outside and wait for the bus - tear-free. 
 I have to admit - It's nice having the stop at the end of the drive. 

On Fridays, Cloudy and I attend Roanoke Library and see Katy Kitten (a puppet) and listen to story time... 

After nap - Cloudy camps out at the front window and watches for the school bus.  (Funny, i remember doing the same thing for my brother and sister.)  

In the afternoon, there's homework, pool time, evening walk, and/or bike riding.  

And if the boys are really lucky... their Aunt comes to town and will pull them around on the trike.. 


Tammy said...

love the updates...looks like everyone is settling in. I can relate to the "unproductive" ness...I have no excuse - I am just tired by this time of year. May is nuts!! between band stuff and end of school stuff - whew..Can't wait to see y'all!

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