Sunday, April 15, 2012

Super-Swimming Boy and his Evil Sidekick, Dr. Float

We haven't had much chance to enjoy the pool this past week.
I think Pete and I were the only ones that jumped in: Pete for the heck of it, me after I PUSH mowed 3.5 of the 5 miles it takes to cover our lot.  Thanks to man for inventing self-propelled mowers.
But last weekend when the boys were playing in the pool - Benjamin came up with their superhero names.
Dr Float (Cloudy since he wears a life vest) and Swimming Boy (for Ben)

On the backside of the waterfall rocks we have two very large toads.  Usually we coexist peacefully, but the other night one of those little critters jumped in the hot tub!  We had to fish him out, scared he would not be able to clear the wall on his own.

This fella - a Killdeer bird - kept running in front of me while i was mowing.  For the life of me I couldn't figure out what was wrong with this bird.... then

in my peripheral I saw this teeny guy bopping around!  I made a few more rounds cautious of the nest, and the momma bird started buzzing my tower.  I ceased mowing around him and let him be... So there is a 8x8 square in my backyard that is just a little bit longer than the rest. 

Last Tuesday Ben came home from school and ASKED to go to bed.  Obviously not feeling well he stayed home Wednesday.  He only complained of a headache and occasional belly pains.  His temperature never went over 100 degrees, and I wasn't sure what he had. Thursday I noticed his tonsils were swollen and he started feeling dizzy and had a floating sensation when he laid down. ODD!  Peter took him to the doctor on Friday, and diagnosed him with something viral or MONO.  They could've take a blood sample to prove mono, but the treatment was the same either way: fluids and ibuprofen.    Ben is already feeling better!!

We are missing Bailey as every day passes.  I keep waiting to hear her "arooooooooo" or see her bounce down the hall.  I'm not sure if Talus realizes, she sticks around us like glue.  It's apparent now how much Tally relied on Bailey to hear for her.
I was sure I had explained things well for Benjamin, but Thursday evening we all needed some air and went for a walk.  As I held his hand, I told him I was sorry about Bailey, and he looked at me and said "Yeah, it's ok the vet is going to try to make her better."  I was already having a hard time keeping it together emotionally and that just didn't help; but I explained it to him.
The next day Cloudy told me the same thing! I just agreed with Cloudy.  I absolutely hope that she is all better now.

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