Monday, April 2, 2012

Going to the big D...

Sunday we explored Dallas.
We walked around Historic downtown all afternoon. We saw art in motion - and it was fantastic. (nick cave "the heard")
We rode a trolley, took a train, and walked a few miles. It was good to work out the muscles from yesterday's unintentional *strenuous* mountain bike excursion.
We bored the boys by looking at architectural buildings. There was a really unique chapel at Thanksgiving Square, it looks almost like a sea shell. I have pictures on my camera, and when we finally move in to our house I will upload my photos to an album to share.

On Saturday we drove down to Dinosaur Valley State Park. We saw dinosaur prints in the limestone river bed that dated back to the Cretaceous period. We actually stood (and swam) were dinosaurs were 113 MILLION years ago! It took over 3 of Ben's foot length to fill the dinosaur toe. We also took in some mountain biking/ bike-pushing-hiking (which is the roughest kind). We all agree next time we leave the bikes at home.


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