Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Butterflies and Bears

There is a tree/bush in our backyard that has produced white flowers, and apparently is very attractive to the butterflies.  There has to be about 20 on the tree.

So I bought Cloudy a butterfly net.... He just holds it and uses his Jedi powers to will the butterflies inside.  

 He might not catch butterflies like a pro, but he does ride a bike!  We brought the "Rocket Bike" home from storage last week and the second I put the training wheels on Cloudy jumped on and took off.  Gone are the days of a tricycle.  We took a stroll around the block and Cloudy rode his bike the entire 2 miles.  Most of the time we were having to jog to keep up with him.  And we dare not touch the pole in the back to help him along.... or we entice the bear within the Cloud..and he WILL gobble you up!

(i.e. the BEAR during Morning Meltdown)
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Tuba, or not tuba ... that is the question said...

I miss Cloudy.

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