Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring break day 2

This morning we woke up at 0'dark:30 and left Pete sleeping in the camper. I took the boys (and the girls) down to Taylor to see my grandma. We had a great time with her! After a lunch date we sat outside and watched for birds while my mischievous boys plucked roses! TEXAS sized roses. They were impossibly large, and not fully bloomed. I need roses like that.
The boys did well all morning but by 1:00 I could see the end of their rope so we loaded up and headed back to ft worth.
(the appliquéd bowtie shirts are compliments of Aunt Tammy. Thanks Aunt Tammy the boys love them)


Tammy said...

awww.. they look as cute as I pictured them :)

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