Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ft worth zoo

Yesterday I Took the boys to the Ft Worth zoo which is ranked #5 in the nation. We were ready to be shocked and amazed, instead we were a bit disappointed and missed the Omaha Zoo.
It had some neat exhibits, the bamboo between the exhibits makes rounding the corner more "oooooo" and "awwww" worthy. But it was small! We walked the entire place in under 2.5 hrs! (try that at Henry Doorly).
And what was I to think about the "wild in Texas" section that featured a coyote, turkey vulture, turkeys, quail!
It was cool to see the horned frog (or horny toad as we called them growing up). I hear they are hard to find, on the verge of extinction.

Today, as we sat outside Under clear skies, Ben asked for his umbrella. Not because he thought it would rain, but the child wanted shade! He actually said the words "it's hot" on a 74 degree day... This might mean trouble in June! (disaster by July)...
Cloudy on the other hand asked to take out the Tangerine Peril! Maybe something to do this weekend!


Laura said...

yeah I've been to the FW zoo - don't remember anything spectacular about it.

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