Monday, February 27, 2012

For lent we gave up our house

That is right people, we made a huge "sacrifice" and became a voluntary homeless family for lent.  Maybe I
Should call us nature loving hippies choosing an alternative home style. Or better yet, lucky individuals for having the luxury to take our time While Choosing our next home. 

Our home in Papillion now belongs to ... Iowa Hawkeye fans - imagine! Iowa fans?!  Last weekend we loaded up the moving truck, spent a few nights on the floor and then said adios old friend.  
On our last night in town we had a fitting farewell by Mother Nature, sideways snow. 
Friday morning we started driving south.  First, I picked up my freshly bathed girls from the kennel (going to really miss that place --- $25 for 1 night stay and 2 baths). On the way out of town Pete set the box of pastries on the truck while tying kids into chairs.  1/2 mile down the road he realizes what happened.   Later he set his walkie talkie on the back while fueling his vehicle, Realized it 30min later when we finished lunch.  I found part of it in the middle of the road... But worse, after lunch I can't find my debit card!!!   I had used it earlier in the day and am famous for not putting cards where they go, so as we are driving down the highway we are calling the bank to put a hold on the card (just in case it turns up like last time). 

Since arriving in our new location - we've been on a picnic, took a bike ride, and cautiously played at the park ( see sign below).  We did not see any cracks (in the earth). 
More to come!!  

Jenn S Carter


Tammy said... sad to leave the "old friend" but on to new adventures and new "friends" :) look forward to hearing about the new house when you find it!

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