Monday, January 9, 2012


We've really had some incredible weather recently (for Nebraska/ for January).
Last Thursday it was low-60s, and while I was ditched by Ben so he could go play at a friends house, Cloudy and I (well more "I") played sidewalk chalk all afternoon... And when Ben returned home I found out he sat inside on a SIXTY degree afternoon playing video games!! Crazy kid.
Yesterday it was only upper40s and we rode our bikes to DQ to enjoy in some mini-blizzards. Ben earned one through the school for reading 6 books over the holiday. As we sat outside eating our ice cream - it started to cool off more, by the time we rode home, we were FREEZING.
some pictures of Cloudy bear..

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Tammy said...

I miss Cloudy snuggles :( that last one is too funny! love the rocket shirt too! - did you make it?

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