Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Penguin Celebration for 2012

The Butlers invited us over for NYE and we.... ate too much.
3 days later and I am still full.
Clouds has been walking around in a funk for several days.. but he managed to pull himself together, and even enjoy his time with Nate and Breanna. Ben - well - just get him near Nate and good luck trying to have him sit still.

a few unauthorized pile-ons took place..

Christy pulled out the time charts and they figured out if we celebrated at 8:00 we could ring in 2012 with South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands - and since there are no residence in So Georgia - we celebrated with the penguins.

(did i mention it was a low key, informal, gathering - please do not judge us: Pete with his Capt Hammer shirt, Ben in his campfire garb, and my usual: the old trusty hoodie - I seriously can't help it! I get cold!) *grin*

On Monday - our last day of Holiday - we busted out the DDR!
I wish my flash would've fired for this one -- it's a perfect shot - everyone with the same stance (even Cloudy in the corner). I guess I'll just have to love the blur.

As if I hadn't tortured the kids enough this holiday -- I knitted beards. I had Ben try it on and was laughing so hard, it made him self conscious.. now he refuses to wear it. Pete swears he will wear one though.. and I intend on making a gray one for my aging brother.
I saw a Santa hat with a white beard for sale - I think it might be something I have to knit!! I also think a viking beard may be uber cute... if only I can convince Ben!

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Tammy said...

fun!!! Happy New Years

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