Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Tuesday nights are swim lessons, and by the time class is over and we come home, rush the kids through bedtime routine it's usually a few minutes past 8:30. Since we always run low on time, we skip the bedtime book. Tonight the boys were devastated! We've been reading a chapter or two of Alvin Ho plus a book or two that Cloudy picks. We had full body convulsions when they realized there was not going to be reading time tonight. Ben thrashed around so much if I was to put some music to it - we could call it dancing.
Pete reconciled the situation by offering breakfast reading IF we wake in time (that's a very very big IF statement - we NEVER wake in time). Lights went out and not a peep was heard from the room. *good sign?*

I just walked in to the boys room to tuck them in on my way to retire for the evening and Sneaky-little-Cloudy had TWO books hiding under the covers that he was clutching. Maybe they are his choices for breakfast reading, or maybe he was trying to read them in the dark. Either way, it was cute to see him snuggled up to a book (or 2).

On side notes:
  • Ben has learned the irritating art of..... wait for it...... Fake laughing.
  • After telling Cloudy we would do something, he asked "pinky promise". You're 2 - who taught you what Pinky Promise is? One guess: he's young, in first grade, and loves to teach his brother.
  • Cloudy is having issues with enunciating /tr/, it comes out /f/ - three and tree become free. When Ben was little he liked to point out the water towers and cranes while driving down the road. Cloudy likes to point out the trucks.


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