Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween from these four goblins!
We had a great time making the rounds in the neighborhood with these 4 kids! I hope they enjoyed it! Cloudy's hot air balloon however cute as it is, is JUST NOT practical to trick or treat in. He doesn't walk along fast enough to keep up and he didn't fit well with the basket in the stroller. We ended up losing the costume about 1/2 way through the night.
We ended up with SO much candy that Nate's bag handles gave way! When we surveyed the damage at the end of the night both boys filled gallon zip-lock bags with overflow.
(The Angel really is an ANGEL! She is the sweetest, kindest young lady I've ever met! *just in case you didn't know*)
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Tammy said...

such fuN!!! I understand about the cumbersome costumes...Our computer is in the shop for a week - but when I get it back - will put pictures of Jacob - he was a tent - a GIANT tent - on and off the whole night, etc. Ryan was a s'more. All he had to do was wear this simple sandwich board thing we made him - well....I got one picture sorta...he was having none of it! Fun night! On to NOvember...

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