Sunday, October 30, 2011

wooo what a weekend

Friday Cloudy and I met up with Christy to watch Breanna in a school FLASH MOB! It was fabulous! (Breanna is the blondie in the middle).
On Saturday we rode our bikes up to the high school and watched part of Nate's football game. He did an awesome job.
When we returned home we were bumming around the house and I asked Cloudy if he wanted to watch TV with me, and he jumped at the opportunity. Expecting to hear "ELMO ELMO" I was thrilled and surprised to hear him chant "FOOTBALL FOOTBALL!" I could not deny the boy - so we watched lots of football while Pete worked. Since it was a lazy Saturday we went out to eat and again I asked for input from the boys - and again Cloudy wins with PIZZA PIZZA. (Football and Pizza what else can a boy ask for!?)

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Laura said...

So glad you're getting to spend time with the Butlers - the flash mob sounds really cool!

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