Sunday, October 16, 2011

Run Jenni Run!

If you didn't know, Jenn's in San Francisco this weekend running the Nike Women's Marathon in support of LLS. You can check her progress here... (Bib # 22293) So far it looks like she's doing great!

As soon as Mom was gone, the first thing Ben did was make a list of things the guys should do...

Go to a playground... Check.

Ben and Cloudy both loved playing in the tires.

The number one request on Ben's list was to go camping. What he really wanted to do was go "tent camping". It's hard to believe that he's six years old, and had never camped in a tent before. Sure he's camped in the pop-up and camper more times than I could count, but never tent camping.. So we found a campground (one near a playground of course) and away we went.
Ben picked our menu for the weekend, so we got to eat Mini-Hamburgers for supper, and Donuts, Eggs, and Bacon for Breakfast. Yum!

Of course sleeping was not on his list of things to do... He even updated his list to say "no sleeping". When he got tired though, he was ready to crash.. Cloudy, however, was not so happy with the idea of sleeping in a tent. Ben was annoyed and told him several times "stop it Cloudy, I'm trying to sleep". Cloudy woke me up this morning in a very fussy mood to tell me "I want Mommy!"
I told him, "Me, too".


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