Thursday, October 13, 2011


When I should be packing for my trip to SF this weekend for the big 26.2, I find myself sucked in to Halloween costumes. The famous word around our house is procrastination, and we didn't fail again this year. 2 weeks out and just yesterday pinned down a few ideas. Cloudys is in the works today.
Did you know you could buy a 36" balloon (don't try it unless you have an SUV to load it in. It will not fit through a car door. It barely fits thru the house door!
I thought using a balloon for my form would be great - until I stuck a pin in it... Oops. Luckily I was 2/3 done pinning so I aired up my exercise ball and used that (significantly smaller!) and guesstimated the last pins.
Going to be cute!


Tammy said...

LOVE IT!!! what a great use for the exercise ball HA!...You could make Ben the "house" from UP! - that's a lot of balloons though HA!...Hey - 2 weeks out - I'm impressed..I have my ideas - but have done NOTHING towards making it happen at this point :(

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